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Matthew FlindersNamed after Captain Matthew Flinders, a distinguished navigator who was the first to circumnavigate Australia and identify it as a continent, Flinders Pacific helps our clients explore new markets and opportunities ‘down under’. And, just as Matthew Flinders was also an expert cartographer, Flinders Pacific also assists our clients to map and develop new trade and investment opportunities across Australia Industry.

Flinders Pacific was formed after a number of our team found they were repeatedly being approached by their international colleagues and associates to assist with local Australian opportunity identification, introductions and commercial negotiations. Formed in 2007 to provide a structured solution to this ongoing need, Flinders Pacific has rapidly grown to become the pre-eminent foreign trade and investment group in Australia.

Flinders Pacific maintains its headquarters in Collins St Melbourne being the heart of Australia’s financial, legal and commercial enterprises.

Local Growth Services

To assist local innovative companies in meeting their growth challenges, Flinders Pacific provides a number of free, low cost and fee paying services, including:

ArticlesAll Around Australia

Our insights on growth and innovation are published at www.mrlewis.com.au

Initial Sitdown / Tactical Analysis

Melbourne based businesses can book a sit down and review of their business at brendan-lewis.youcanbook.me 

The purpose of the sitdown is twofold.

  1.  To clearly articulate the three major “stay awake at night” issues of the business.
  2. To capture activities, costs and outcomes around its sales and marketing activities.  Firms then take away a Tactical Sales and Marketing map that highlights the effectiveness of their different activities, strengths and weaknesses and cost estimates.  

There is no charge for this service.

Churchill Club

The Churchill Club is a Melbourne based innovative business forum that has been running for 10 years, with thousands of members.  On a roughly fortnightly basis, a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs share their experiences on a variety of topics including practical entrepreneurship, innovation thinking and emerging technology opportunists.


Flinders Pacific runs a series of half day workshops that cut to the core of growth issues.  Organisations can either access these workshops once a year via a public session at the Churchill Club, or a book a sessions with a Flinders Pacific Consultant.  Workshops are run on:

  • Strategic Marketing Workshop
  • Tactical Marketing Workshop
  • Corporate Strategy Workshop

Executive Coaching

Flinders Pacific provides a proprietary  executive coaching service called “5 Domains”.  The program is optimised for small innovative business and has three goals to achieve in 18 months.

  • Double Revenues
  • Improve Profitability
  • Strengthen the business

An introduction to the 5 Domains program and an appointment request tool, can be found at www.5domains.com.au

Global Growth Services

Flinders Pacific is Australia’s premier global growth agency.  Our services include:

Find your Way

Growing to London?

The Principal of Flinders Pacific, Brendan Lewis, is London’s representative in Australia for Investment attraction, via London’s international promotional agency, London & Partners.  This means that Flinders Pacific can assist with providing a wide range of services to firms looking to grow to London, including competitive research, introductions, free memberships to networking organisations and advice.  All services in regards to London are provided at no charge, as they are fully funded by the Mayor of London.

Export Marketing Development Grants (EMDG)

Unlike other grants the EMDG scheme is non-discretionary (if you meet the eligibility criteria, you are entitled to a grant).  Its designed to encourage small and medium sized Australian businesses to develop export markets, by providing  reimbursement of up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000.  Flinders Pacific has partnered with Peter Arbuckle of Export Finance Assistance Consultancy Services to provide EMDG claiming services on a success fee basis.

Global Growth Workshops

Flinders Pacific runs a 1/2 day workshop to help clients build a market entry plan for a foreign market.  The workshop draws on many year experience growing internationally and focuses on major issues and the opportunities.  Organisations can either access these workshops once a year via a public session at the Churchill Club, or a book a sessions with a Flinders Pacific Consultant.

Foreign Direct Investment Attraction

We work closely with global regions and cities looking to secure new investment from Australia, whether it be institutional or Foreign Direct Investment. With an enviable track record of success and a select client list, Flinders Pacific is comprised of an experienced team of top tier executives, networked at the highest levels of Australian industry. Using leading processes and tools, Flinders Pacific actively develops significant new business and investment for our clients.  We are incredibly well connected into Australia’s financial communities and into smart industries looking to expand overseas; including ICT, Life Sciences & Engineering. We also have good working relationships with all of Australia agencies supporting overseas growth.  Our staff are also well experience in international investment, representing London in Australia and Australia in the US, as well as directly controlling new investment into South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Romania.

Local Representation

We work closely with internationally expanding businesses looking to secure new business around Australia. Flinders Pacific staff are experts in generating new business with many years experience in Australia, South East Asia, North America and Europe. We have the following services to assist International businesses looking to Australia :

Market Intelligence – Identify opportunities and/or changes in the Australian environment as either a one of report or via ongoing monitoring via our Market Intelligence Services.  Specific services include; Market sentiment analysis and assessments, Industry specific profile reports, High level in market advocacy and networking, Tender monitoring, Advice on tax and Australian government tax concessions for local R&D etc.

Lead Generation – Have new opportunities proactively generated for you for either handover or supporting in-market visits via our Lead Generation Services.  Specific services include; Focussed advocacy and opportunity development with targeted Australian clients, Management of inwards market visit and appointment programs, Ongoing in-market representation, promotion, Tender monitoring, Acquisition opportunity identification.

Local Representation – Have new opportunities generated and closed for you in Australia via our Local Representation services.

Beach Head – Local office address, local Directors, logistic & project staff to provide an easy setup when conducting new business in Australia via our Beach Head services.

Overseas Market Entry, Planning and Execution

The Flinders Pacific team have worked together on more than 50 major projects over the last 5 years. Each of our senior executives have an average 20+ years of international business development, trade and FDI experience and all are experienced working to commercial timeframes and budgets.  Regions worked in include: the USA, China, India, Singpore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Romania, UK, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa.  Our services include:

  • Market Research
  • Entry Strategy & Planning
  • Subsidiary Establishment
  • Marketing & Promotion

Flinders Pacific also has unique IP used to map out and provide metrics on Tactical Sales & Marketing activities to be used in planning assistance for new markets.

Global Growth Funding

Using our local and international  network of corporate advisers and investors, Flinders Pacific is able to provide international growth funding solutions for selected clients that are both investor ready and have earned the right to grow internationally.

Our People

Flinders Pacific is comprised of a top flight, high profile team of seasoned business, trade and FDI professionals, with wide ranging networks across Australia and the region.

Brendan LewisBrendan Lewis has setup greenfield professional services businesses around the globe – Investing in South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Romania. He also has extensive commercial experience in the UK & the US. His background includes qualifications in accounting and IT and his industry experience includes; Oil & Gas, ICT, Product Distribution, Engineering, Internet & Advertising. Well known for his commercial insight and extraordinary network, he also chairs the Churchill Club in Melbourne and runs Ministerial Dinners.
As the sole representative of London in Australia for investment attraction, he personally generates upto 46 new investment projects per annum.

Chris StewartChris Stewart is best known for his ability to develop and translate long term strategy into clear programs of work that he can successfully manage and deliver. Chris has over 10 years consulting experience providing project management, communications planning, and policy and strategy development services. His speciality is in designing customised approaches for organisations and cross-sector groups to manage engagements with complex, long-term, multi-stakeholder contexts.

John ArundellJohn Arundell is an experienced corporate advisor with deep domain experience in IT & Corporate finance. Originally John worked through the ranks in the telecommunications sector, before launching his own business at age 28 and successfully selling it four years later. After completing post graduate studies in Finance, John was then approached to build an operational capability in a boutique investment bank specialising in private equity projects for technology companies. John was intimately involved in a large number of Australian technology success stories such as Adacel and Freeonline.
John is currently focussed on driving growth at a number of internet based companies, rolling out products globally.


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