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Matthew FlindersNamed after Captain Matthew Flinders, a distinguished navigator who was the first to circumnavigate Australia and identify it as a continent, Flinders Pacific helps our clients explore new markets and opportunities ‘down under’. And, just as Matthew Flinders was also an expert cartographer, Flinders Pacific also assists our clients to map and develop new trade and investment opportunities across Australia Industry.

Flinders Pacific was formed after a number of our team found they were repeatedly being approached by their international colleagues and associates to assist with local Australian opportunity identification, introductions and commercial negotiations. Formed in 2007 to provide a structured solution to this ongoing need, Flinders Pacific has rapidly grown to become the pre-eminent foreign trade and investment group in Australia.

Flinders Pacific maintains its headquarters in Collins St Melbourne being the heart of Australia’s financial, legal and commercial enterprises.  We have operating relationships in  London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore & Seoul.

Australia Korean Representative

Brendan Lewis

+ 61 3 9014 9600


Level 5, North Building
333 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Young Ho Seo

+82 (0)2 508 8768


Invest Korea Plaza 506
Heolleungno 7 Seocho-gu
South Korea