Local Growth Services

To assist local innovative companies in meeting their growth challenges, Flinders Pacific provides a number of free, low cost and fee paying services, including:

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Our insights on growth and innovation are published at www.mrlewis.com.au

Initial Sitdown / Tactical Analysis

Melbourne based businesses can book a sit down and review of their business at brendan-lewis.youcanbook.me 

The purpose of the sitdown is twofold.

  1.  To clearly articulate the three major “stay awake at night” issues of the business.
  2. To capture activities, costs and outcomes around its sales and marketing activities.  Firms then take away a Tactical Sales and Marketing map that highlights the effectiveness of their different activities, strengths and weaknesses and cost estimates.  

There is no charge for this service.

Churchill Club

The Churchill Club is a Melbourne based innovative business forum that has been running for 10 years, with thousands of members.  On a roughly fortnightly basis, a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs share their experiences on a variety of topics including practical entrepreneurship, innovation thinking and emerging technology opportunists.


Flinders Pacific runs a series of half day workshops that cut to the core of growth issues.  Organisations can either access these workshops once a year via a public session at the Churchill Club, or a book a sessions with a Flinders Pacific Consultant.  Workshops are run on:

  • Strategic Marketing Workshop
  • Tactical Marketing Workshop
  • Corporate Strategy Workshop

Executive Coaching

Flinders Pacific provides a proprietary  executive coaching service called “5 Domains”.  The program is optimised for small innovative business and has three goals to achieve in 18 months.

  • Double Revenues
  • Improve Profitability
  • Strengthen the business

An introduction to the 5 Domains program and an appointment request tool, can be found at www.5domains.com.au