Our People

Flinders Pacific is comprised of a top flight, high profile team of seasoned business, trade and FDI professionals, with wide ranging networks across Australia and the region.

Brendan LewisBrendan Lewis has setup greenfield professional services businesses around the globe – Investing in South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Romania. He also has extensive commercial experience in the UK & the US. His background includes qualifications in accounting and IT and his industry experience includes; Oil & Gas, ICT, Product Distribution, Engineering, Internet & Advertising. Well known for his commercial insight and extraordinary network, he also chairs the Churchill Club in Melbourne and runs Ministerial Dinners.
As the sole representative of London in Australia for investment attraction, he personally generates upto 46 new investment projects per annum.

Chris StewartChris Stewart is best known for his ability to develop and translate long term strategy into clear programs of work that he can successfully manage and deliver. Chris has over 10 years consulting experience providing project management, communications planning, and policy and strategy development services. His speciality is in designing customised approaches for organisations and cross-sector groups to manage engagements with complex, long-term, multi-stakeholder contexts.

John ArundellJohn Arundell is an experienced corporate advisor with deep domain experience in IT & Corporate finance. Originally John worked through the ranks in the telecommunications sector, before launching his own business at age 28 and successfully selling it four years later. After completing post graduate studies in Finance, John was then approached to build an operational capability in a boutique investment bank specialising in private equity projects for technology companies. John was intimately involved in a large number of Australian technology success stories such as Adacel and Freeonline.
John is currently focussed on driving growth at a number of internet based companies, rolling out products globally.